Data Fields

hpgs_reader_pcl_bitmap_font_st Struct Reference

A PCL bitmap font. More...

#include <hpgsreader.h>

Data Fields

int font_id
double pitch
double height
double baseline_position
int x_resolution
int y_resolution
hpgs_reader_pcl_bitmap_charactercharacters [256]

Detailed Description

A PCL bitmap font.

This structure holds a PCL bitmap font as read from a font header.

Field Documentation

The baseline position in pt.

The character images.

Referenced by hpgs_reader_do_PCL().

The height in pt as calculated from the Height and "Height Extended" fields above.

The pitch in pt as calculated from the Pitch and "Pitch Extended" fields above.

The horizontal resolution in dpi.

The vertical resolution in dpi.

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