Data Fields

hpgs_font_header_st Struct Reference

A truetype font header. More...

#include <hpgsfont.h>

Data Fields

int32_t version
uint16_t numtab
uint16_t searchRange
uint16_t entrySel
uint16_t rangeShift
hpgs_font_table_entry tables [HPGS_FONT_MAX_TTF_TABLES]
int name_table
int head_table
int hhea_table
int maxp_table
int hmtx_table
int loca_table
int cmap_table
int post_table
int glyf_table
int kern_table

Detailed Description

A truetype font header.

This structure holds all the header information of a truetype font and is used when scanning a fon directory as well as a part of an open font file.

Field Documentation

The position of the cmap table.

Log2(Max power of 2 <= numtab )

The position of the glyf table.

The position of the head table.

The position of the hhea table.

The position of the hmtx table.

The position of the kern table.

The position of the loca table.

The position of the maxp table.

The position of the name table.

The number truetype tables in this file.

The position of the post table.

numtab*16 - searchRange

(Max power of 2 <= numtab) *16

The truetype table entries.


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