Data Fields

hpgs_istream_vtable_st Struct Reference
[Basic facilities.]

A table of virtual function implementing hpgs_istream. More...

#include <hpgs.h>

Data Fields

hpgs_istream_getc_func_t getc_func
hpgs_istream_ungetc_func_t ungetc_func
hpgs_istream_close_func_t close_func
hpgs_istream_iseof_func_t iseof_func
hpgs_istream_iserror_func_t iserror_func
hpgs_istream_seek_func_t seek_func
hpgs_istream_tell_func_t tell_func
hpgs_istream_read_func_t read_func
hpgs_istream_seekend_func_t seekend_func

Detailed Description

A table of virtual function implementing hpgs_istream.

This structure has a public alias hpgs_istream_vtable and represents a table of functions for a specific implementation of hpgs_istream.

The function names are deliberately similar to the corresponding ANSI C functions.

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